One of the questions that we’re asked most often is the budget we recommend and our fees. How much do we charge and how much do Google ads cost? The answer is (drumroll) comprised of two things.

One, the cost to display the ads on Google and two the fees that we charge to create and manage the performance of your ad campaigns.

As far as budget goes, on average, most law firms spend $3,000 to $10,000 monthly and $895 to $3,000 on agency fees.

We have three components to our pricing:

PPC Pricing

Number one is the account setup fee.

This one-time fee covers the initial campaign development of this campaign. This includes development of the campaign strategy keyword research, and negative keywords. Negative keywords act as a filter to prevent your ad from showing for irrelevant searches and building out the campaigns themselves.

Two is the landing page fee.

Landing pages are a core component of a successful PPC campaign and one of the areas where we can really move the needle in terms of getting people who click on your ad to actually give you a call.

This fee is the initial setup and design of your landing pages and the ongoing A/B split testing. This testing allows us to identify the pages that are working best in order to optimize your conversion rate (getting more people to contact your firm).

The third component is the account management fee.

This is the recurring fee for us to manage your Google Ads account. This is also where we take a lot of pride in the amount of time that we invest in ensuring that your campaign is as successful as possible.

We are optimizing your account on a daily basis which includes making bid adjustments, adding negative keywords, and testing new ads to improve the relevance of the campaign and reduce wasted spend.

Another component is call tracking and intake coaching. We monitor phone calls and provide you with feedback of your intake process based on what we’re hearing. These issues can be intake personnel-oriented or problems with your phone or call center’s phone systems. This allows us to ensure that from end to end your campaign is as successful as possible.

We have three primary pricing tiers.

Tier 1

  • Two Landing Pages
  • Periodic Call Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting

Tier number one is for ad budgets of less than $5,000 per month. If your ad budget is less than $5,000 per month, we charge an $895 flat fee. For $895 we provide a landing page or two as well as periodic call monitoring.

Tier 2

  • Up to Four Landing Pages
  • A/B Page Testing
  • Enhanced Call Monitoring
  • Intake Coaching
  • Monthly Reporting

Tier two is for advertisers who are spending $5,000 to $10,000 per month. In this case, we charge a $1,000 landing page fee, plus 10% of your budget. The landing page fee gives you up to four high-converting desktop and mobile landing pages along with A/B testing to increase click-to-call rates.

Enhanced call monitoring increases the number of calls that we listen to manually so as to identify any issues.

Intake coaching is our next-level differentiator. More than anything else intake coaching makes the most impact and separates us from our competition.

Tier 3

  • Unlimited Landing Pages for Unlimited Practice Areas
  • Enhanced Call Monitoring
  • A/B/C Page Testing
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Intake Coaching and Issue Flagging
  • Weekly Status Calls

Tier three is for advertisers who are spending $10,000 or more per month. The third tier includes everything in Tier 2 plus full access to your dedicated account manager and unlimited landing pages. At this level, it’s common to advertise for multiple areas of practice.

Feel free to reach out to us and use our free budget calculator to help determine the right tier for your firm.

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