landing page development

What digital marketing tool is:

• campaign-specific
• quick to launch
• easy to test
• quick to revise
• inexpensive to launch
• up to 10x more effective than your site?

If you said anything other than a strategically designed landing page, then read on!

Let’s talk in a little more detail about each of these points as they illustrate the “why” of using landing pages for your campaigns.

Campaign Specific

How many times have you clicked on a link in a Google Ad (PPC) that had a specific message only to land on a page that had completely different messaging?

It happens all of the time. To make matters worse, the average rule of thumb is you must engage users and capture their interest within the first 3-7 seconds after they click-through your link.

3-7 seconds! Think about it: if you are paying $30 for each click coming from PPC ads then you could be paying $10 per second of time the user is on your site. If that is not a great reason to ensure they convert, I don’t know what is.

Whether you are using PPC, email marketing, print marketing, social media or another method to drive traffic, you must be sure your landing experience is specific to each campaign.

This may mean you have 5 different landing experiences running at one time – each one tied to your outbound marketing. It is important to understand your landing pages must match your campaign.

Quick To Launch

New marketing ideas and campaigns occur all the time. And digital marketers have to be more nimble and flexible than ever before.

It’s now so easy to change out your Google ad, tweet about a new promotion, send out an email to your list, etc. However, therein lies the great challenge.

Once you have your main templates designed and your brand assets organized, you can build new pages and link them to your latest campaigns in a matter of hours or days. Allowing you to create great landing experiences that match your marketing without tinkering with your main site.

Easy To Test

If good is the enemy of great, then perfection is the enemy of digital marketing.

While I don’t recommend just taking a bunch of poorly written copy and weak graphics and throwing them out into the market (more on brand later) it is important your digital campaigns do not turn into a “design by committee” exercise. Again, this is one of the biggest advantages of using landing pages.

Often making changes to your main site is difficult, time-consuming and can hurt your organic search rankings.

Putting up several landing pages and testing the market response to them however is nowhere near as arduous. Build it, launch it, test it, revise it. Landing pages are expendable.

They are the rook of your digital marketing tool kit and when they don’t work you take them offline. When they do work you revise them to make them better.

The key to remember is to just “do something.” Landing pages allow you to do just that and to get great real-time feedback in the meantime.

Quick To Deploy

Again, if you can’t move fast as a digital marketer, you will get left behind. For every lead you are trying to get, for every client you want to close, someone else is trying to gain that same client.

Any digital marketing campaign that doesn’t allow you to shift strategy and make quick changes on the fly to address changes in the market, launch new promotions and test new ideas, is one that will hold you and your success back.

Never be satisfied with tools and strategies that are difficult to change. Landing pages provide the quick, low cost of entry tools that let you jump in and out of campaigns and test new ideas as needed.

Inexpensive To Launch

Well-designed sites are expensive. They require not only financial resources but they are also very expensive in terms of the time and investment required internally.

Landing pages on the other hand can be owned by marketing. They can be set up separately from the site and allow marketing to use them as their own personal sandbox without further tasking IT. With the right software, even a beginner can revise copy to test headlines, graphics and more.

Moving your campaign marketing away from big lumbering sites is often the only way to launch campaigns that work in the real world.

Up To 10X More Effective Than Your Site

Not only are they easier, faster, and smarter, well-designed landing pages can work FAR better at increasing sales and conversions.

Now that you understand why you should use landing pages, can you think of one good reason why you shouldn’t? I know I can’t!