Failing to match your message to your landing pages is the one thing that you can not afford to do in your digital marketing. It’s the thing that will cause you to lose more business and opportunity than any other mistake you could make with your digital campaigns.

We have all experienced this in one form or another.

“Learn more by visiting our site,” says the ad. However, when you visit the site you find a generic page with a hidden call-to-action. So what do you do next? You hit the back button and go to another attorney’s site.

This happens over and over. Every day marketers launch aggressive new digital campaigns with the very best of intentions. They pay for expensive PPC ads across numerous networks. They run banner ads, launch email marketing, place ads on TV –everything to drive traffic to a site that fails to deliver.

The number one way to improve your digital conversion rates is the most basic and the easiest to understand. Deliver on your offer.

When you make a “click promise” – keep it. After all if someone was enticed to click through your ad or email link because of your message then why would you not deliver exactly what attracted them in the first place?