How to Write Compelling Google Ads for Personal Injury Law

Pay per click (PPC) keyword phrases for personal injury firms have one of the most expensive average costs per clicks. CPC ranges from $50 on the low end to upwards of $100 and higher.

This makes it even more crucial that your ads clearly state the type of case you want and that your landing pages convert from click to lead at the highest rate possible.

Here are a few best practices that we follow to improve the quality of our PPC campaigns: 


Solve Their Problem

An MVA ad that realizes medical bills pile up if you’ve been injured.


Speak Directly to Them

Premises liability ad assumes the reader is probably angry and wants to take action.


Get Emotional

Saying “you deserve” stirs up emotions. “Yeah, you’re right, I do deserve to get paid!”


Consider Using a Number in the Headline

A 5 Star lawyer? Yes please. Plus they’re (Recommended)! This ad stands out.


Overcome Objections

But I don’t want to pay a consultation fee. Oh wait, nevermind.


Use a Strong Call-To-Action

Using the word “Hire” is really good. Makes you want to pick up the phone.


And…Don’t Forget About Mobile

Sometimes all you need is a good Call Only ad, especially on mobile. The only choice they have is to call you.


More Pro Tips:

Emphasize Injury in the Headline

One of the challenges of PPC for accident injury law firms is that often people think a car accident lawyer handles property damage. This obviously results in a number of unqualified leads.

Because of this, we emphasize “injury” more than we do “accidents” in the ad.

The downside is this may affect quality score slightly. However, we believe this is more than offset by reducing wasted clicks.


Use as Many Negative Keywords as Possible

Google and Bing both have a negative keyword feature. Negative keywords act as a filter to prevent unqualified clicks.

For example, as a personal injury you don’t want your ads showing for divorce lawyer searches.

To prevent this you would make “divorce” a negative keyword.

If you don’t have partners, make “&” a negative.


Use Numbers

Creating ad copy with statistics grabs attention and provides social proof.

According to HubSpot, 83 percent of global consumers say they trust social proof recommendations more than any other form of advertising.

So, run your numbers and share them.

Have you generated impressive results for your clients?

How many cases have you won in the last year?

For example, how much money have your clients been awarded over the last year or five years?

Share your average win-rate, number of clients, or total years in business.


Focus on Benefits on Your Landing Pages

This one can be tricky depending on your state’s bar association.

The more you can make your ads about the claimant, the more likely you are to get a qualified click.

For example the headlines, “Get Your Money Faster” or “Get Maximum Compensation” is much better than “Car Accident Lawyer”.

Another powerful headline we often use is “We Come to You” which emphasizes convenience and your firm’s ‘white glove’ service to clients.


Wrapping it Up

Text ads are the first thing your prospects see, so you have got to put in the effort to make them stand out from the crowd. 

Be compelling – not boring. Put yourself in their shoes and read go research a bunch of ads. 

Which ones appeal to you? Follow these techniques and you’ll know you’re ads are following the industry best practices.

Next you need to work on those landing pages of yours (hopefully you have some!).