Your PPC Ad has a limited chance of getting clicked since there are only 4 ads that show up at the top of the search page. Yes, there are ads at the bottom too, but do you ever look at those? Probably not.

So your ad better stand out from your competition.

How? Follow these best practices:

Solve Their Problem

Family Law ad speaking to concerns about legal costs.

Family Law Ad

Speak Directly to Them

Divorce ad realizing this is a stressful time, while offering hope for the future.

Get Emotional

Divorce ad using an emotional word that connects with the reader’s state of mind.

Divorce ad with no emotion:

You can bet that people who are searching for divorce lawyers are indeed emotional. The ad that connects by saying ‘Divorce is Hard’ has a much higher chance of getting clicked because it’s much more emotional.

Consider Using a Number in the Headline

In a sea of letters, numbers stand out, especially in the headline.

Overcome Objections

Child custody ad addressing up-front costs.


Use a Strong Call-To-Action

Divorce ad that understands folks have lots of questions and offers ways to connect.

Don’t Be Tone Deaf

This ad speaks to Coronavirus concerns and offers video consultations.

And, Don’t Forget About Mobile

More people are on mobile devices than ever before. And, the cost per call is often less expensive for mobile ads. We often write ads and build landing pages around mobile first and then focus on desktop.

So What?

If you only remember one thing here, remember to write ad copy that stands out – don’t blend in.