Do you want to make life difficult for your best prospects?
Do you want to make it tough for them to become a qualified lead ?
Of course, you don’t.
So why am I asking such a basic, no-brainer question? The answer often doesn’t lie in the ad itself. The answer is often what happens AFTER the prospect clicks an ad (post-click). This is the big disconnect.
After someone clicks your Google Ad, Facebook ad, or any other link to your online content, what happens next?
We have helped clients improve their conversion rates from 3% to upwards of 30% using proven post-click strategies and techniques. The strategy comes in a number of formulas, but the most common is something like:
  1. Restate their specific problem
  2. Provide a solution
  3. Answer all of their doubts
  4. Build trust with GOOD testimonials and reviews
  5. Create a sense of urgency
  6. Reinforce points 1 and 2
There you have it. The building blocks of a well-designed landing page!